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Texas Longhorns Halloween Apparel

The Texas Longhorns are the athletic teams that represent The University of Texas at Austin. The groups are in some cases described as the ‘Horns and take their name from the Longhorn cattle that were a fundamental part of the advancement of Texas, and are now the official “big animal” of the United States state of Texas. The females’s groups are sometimes called the Lady Longhorns, but usually both the men’s and ladies’s teams are described as the Longhorns, and the mascot is a Texas Longhorn steer named Bevo.

The Longhorn nickname appeared in Texas papers by 1900.

The University of Texas at Austin is the flagship institution of the University of Texas System. It uses a wide array of university and intramural sports programs, and was selected as “America’s Best Sports College” in a 2002 analysis by Sports Illustrated. Texas was also noted as the primary Collegiate Licensing Company client from 2005– 2013 in regards to the quantity of yearly trademark royalties received from the sales of its fan product.

Texas is the only staying NCAA Division I school to operate different men’s and women’s athletic departments, after the other remaining holdout, the University of Tennessee, merged its men’s and women’s athletic departments at the end of the 2011– 12 academic year.